Monday, January 10, 2011

Fiberglass fly Rod

I was surprised yesterday when a World War II veteran gave me his fiberglass fly rod and Auto reel, which were all in immaculate shape. It was an honor to receive it and I promised it’s fishing days were not done and that I plan to fish with it the first nice day I to fish. This statement took him back and he started telling stories about old fishing trips had with the rod and that if I didn’t fish it, it would still be a nice antique to have. I assured him that it would be fished.

I’m a big believer in fishing equipment for as long as it stays in one piece. In my youth I fished a old worn out Ted Williams #430 reel, which I stole from my dad. It was a deep red color and I called it THE GREEN HORNET I fished the hell out of that reel and now keep it in a safe. I caught the largest crappie of my life with that reel, I swear it was and still is magic.

I couldn’t thank my friend enough he was a Marine and fought through the whole Pacific Theatre in WWII. This rig has its own special place in my collection. I plan to call it THE OLD BREED.

- H.L.

The Hunt for Bamboo II

My line of work teaches me that what we want isn’t what we need and what we need isn’t what we expect. I suppose the same philosophy holds true in choosing a fly rod. I am also trained to gather intelligence using logic and planning to execute the best possible outcome.


I have started contacting people who deal in antique fishing equipment IE bamboo rods and asking for recommendations based on my style of fishing.

Again, everything with a $600 dollar price tag!

Again, not going to happen. I have never bought into the idea that fly-fishing is an elitist activity. Now does spending $600 on a fly rod may one an elitist? No, I would think not. However, I am determined to find the rod for me at a much lower cost.

- H.L.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Hunt for Bamboo

The search for a bamboo rod has turned out to be quite a strange one thus far. Where does one start when you have custom made rods, vintage rods and imports.

Now, I need to back up a moment and explain that I have no idea what I¹mgetting myself into and know next to nothing about bamboo rods other than the fact that I am drawn to them.

My first reference to bamboo was in John Gierach's book "Trout Bum" which has a great overview of this subject. It was here that I learned names like Heddon, Phillipson and Granger so I immediately began to search these items on Ebay and what I found was four to six hundred dollar price tags.

I'm not for sure what I expected and I¹m not really that surprised by the price but I just can¹t do it. I understand that these rods will never be built again and are of that era in American fishing history that I love, however having the anti- bushwa attitude that I have it just isn¹t going to happen.

My image would be ruined if I went right on the web and pushed the Buy It Now and I would hope the fish would look at me and give me the middle finger as to say, "what a tool!"

So I invite everyone to follow this blog as I hunt for the prefect bamboo rod that has all the personality and character that I¹m looking for as well as a responsible price.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Truly Magnificent Fish

Fished some today while still riding the high of a truly magnificent fish caught last Thursday.

Here is a tip my friends, at the end of your strip never forget to give it one last all or nothing twitch before you lift the tip and send it flying again.

When you land him celebrate with Mexican Food and Dox Equis XX!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Holiday Hangover

Ah the Holiday Hangover the colossal queen and mother of head-pounders. It’s like mixing vodka with pure sugar and adding a dash of more turkey and stuffing then anyone could stand, then ride out the high and crash with your family.

Yes my friends the Holiday Hangover is a blood sucking river wolf of a nightmare. You’ll feel like more cuss words then you want to hear and I’m sure you are all hearing them and I swear to god if old ant May what’s her name asks me one more time about those pretty little fish hooks I’m making I just might test out that new Mossberg uncle Charles got from Santa.

What a mess, the dogs are even lazily lying around the house fat as ticks from table scraps and refusing to move for anything. Bigfoot could walking in here, ransack the place and no one would bother getting up.

I would like to say that I’m going to head of to the river in an hour and get some fishing in but the truth is bleak. If I did you would all read the headline tomorrow, idiotic fisherman found dead in the river from over exposure to Christmas cheer.



Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Nostalgia of Bamboo

I’ve been wrapped up in the nostalgia of bamboo lately. I suppose I’m drawn to the romance of that bygone era. An era when man made great functional objects that were meant to be used and stand the test of time while displaying the utmost beauty, which in the same hand displays true art through craftsmanship. Sure my graphite rods are great and very functionally even down right scientific, but there is just something about natural materials being fashioned into a tool which can be used to supply and or simple enjoy.

Now I’m no aficionado but I’m sure fiberglass and graphite came about like everything else in this world, from the necessity to make a lousy buck by going faster and cranking out more and more. Thank god we have those among us who have taking up the old ways and learned the trade and how to use knowledge and their hands to build instead of relying on some machine, which possesses no emotional bond or understanding of the material.

And thus we have a new obsession an a new hunt to begin.