Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Holiday Hangover

Ah the Holiday Hangover the colossal queen and mother of head-pounders. It’s like mixing vodka with pure sugar and adding a dash of more turkey and stuffing then anyone could stand, then ride out the high and crash with your family.

Yes my friends the Holiday Hangover is a blood sucking river wolf of a nightmare. You’ll feel like more cuss words then you want to hear and I’m sure you are all hearing them and I swear to god if old ant May what’s her name asks me one more time about those pretty little fish hooks I’m making I just might test out that new Mossberg uncle Charles got from Santa.

What a mess, the dogs are even lazily lying around the house fat as ticks from table scraps and refusing to move for anything. Bigfoot could walking in here, ransack the place and no one would bother getting up.

I would like to say that I’m going to head of to the river in an hour and get some fishing in but the truth is bleak. If I did you would all read the headline tomorrow, idiotic fisherman found dead in the river from over exposure to Christmas cheer.



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