Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Nostalgia of Bamboo

I’ve been wrapped up in the nostalgia of bamboo lately. I suppose I’m drawn to the romance of that bygone era. An era when man made great functional objects that were meant to be used and stand the test of time while displaying the utmost beauty, which in the same hand displays true art through craftsmanship. Sure my graphite rods are great and very functionally even down right scientific, but there is just something about natural materials being fashioned into a tool which can be used to supply and or simple enjoy.

Now I’m no aficionado but I’m sure fiberglass and graphite came about like everything else in this world, from the necessity to make a lousy buck by going faster and cranking out more and more. Thank god we have those among us who have taking up the old ways and learned the trade and how to use knowledge and their hands to build instead of relying on some machine, which possesses no emotional bond or understanding of the material.

And thus we have a new obsession an a new hunt to begin.

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