Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Hunt for Bamboo

The search for a bamboo rod has turned out to be quite a strange one thus far. Where does one start when you have custom made rods, vintage rods and imports.

Now, I need to back up a moment and explain that I have no idea what I¹mgetting myself into and know next to nothing about bamboo rods other than the fact that I am drawn to them.

My first reference to bamboo was in John Gierach's book "Trout Bum" which has a great overview of this subject. It was here that I learned names like Heddon, Phillipson and Granger so I immediately began to search these items on Ebay and what I found was four to six hundred dollar price tags.

I'm not for sure what I expected and I¹m not really that surprised by the price but I just can¹t do it. I understand that these rods will never be built again and are of that era in American fishing history that I love, however having the anti- bushwa attitude that I have it just isn¹t going to happen.

My image would be ruined if I went right on the web and pushed the Buy It Now and I would hope the fish would look at me and give me the middle finger as to say, "what a tool!"

So I invite everyone to follow this blog as I hunt for the prefect bamboo rod that has all the personality and character that I¹m looking for as well as a responsible price.


Barry said...

I'll keep my eye open at the pawn shops, bargain stores, and Sulphur's Dog Trade. You never know what you'll find in these places.

Harley said...

I love the Dog Trade!