Monday, January 10, 2011

Fiberglass fly Rod

I was surprised yesterday when a World War II veteran gave me his fiberglass fly rod and Auto reel, which were all in immaculate shape. It was an honor to receive it and I promised it’s fishing days were not done and that I plan to fish with it the first nice day I to fish. This statement took him back and he started telling stories about old fishing trips had with the rod and that if I didn’t fish it, it would still be a nice antique to have. I assured him that it would be fished.

I’m a big believer in fishing equipment for as long as it stays in one piece. In my youth I fished a old worn out Ted Williams #430 reel, which I stole from my dad. It was a deep red color and I called it THE GREEN HORNET I fished the hell out of that reel and now keep it in a safe. I caught the largest crappie of my life with that reel, I swear it was and still is magic.

I couldn’t thank my friend enough he was a Marine and fought through the whole Pacific Theatre in WWII. This rig has its own special place in my collection. I plan to call it THE OLD BREED.

- H.L.


Cameron Mortenson said...

DDM...what a cool gift. Please fish that outfit. It will still work.

jake said...

Great gift!